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The Big Brick Theory

Once more I've found a gold nugget in the great blog of Gang de Geeks, these guys are simply great (if you speak French you should add them to your daily browsing habits right now!).

I guess you know Cuusoo, the crowd-sourcing community project from LEGO to allow fans to submit their ideas for new LEGO Sets. Since its creation the site has received hundred of ideas, ans some of the most popular have become true LEGO sets, like the incoming LEGO Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Set.

And the project I discovered thanks to Gang de Geeks is the Mini-Big Bang Theory, a campaign to recreate the TV series in minifig format.

The Big Brick Theory

If you're like me, the above picture has made you want to open your wallet and buy the set right now. Well, it isn't possible, the project hasn't be approved yet, but it has gathered enough support to archive the review stage, i.e. LEGO is taking it in consideration.

The Big Brick Theory

You cans see more pics in the Cuusoo page or in the
the campaign page for Lego Big Bang Theory.

The Big Brick Theory

Let's hope it passes the review and that next year we will found mini-Sheldon and mini-Leonard (and mini-Penny!) in our toy stores!

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