Today I've discovered via Think Geek the site of Lunarbaboon. As he describes it, Lunarbaboon is a webcomic is a gag-a-day strip that focuses on many themes, but mostly is about parenting, other themes include depression, death, and Star Wars, and as a 30 something geek and father I find his comic simple wonderful.

The comic that made me go to his site was this one:


As a geek dad myself, I really loved it. I've often felt myself like that. But most of times there was no monster under the bed :D

Another sample of why I became a fan of his comics:


As I told you last week, I believe in supporting the artists I like, in a direct way. So as Lunarbaboon has a Patreon page, I've added him to the list of artist I support on Patreon.

So go see his work, go!

By Horacio Gonzalez