Superman with a GoPro

I'm a firm believer in a free (as a beer and as speech) internet, but I also believe that you should support (directly) the creators that do things you love. That's why I use and recommend platforms like Flattr and Patreon, platforms created to enable fans to support and engage with the artists and creators they love.

Today I've added another group of creators to my Patreon list, the guys behind the amazing video I'm showing you. I found it thanks to the nice chaps of Gang De Geeks, and five seconds after pushing the play button I was hooked.

That some guys with a small budget could make that reminds me once more that we live in a wonderful time where you can do amazing things like that with some consumer electronics, lots of talent, great ideas and a tight budget.

Speaking of money, the guys behind the project, Corridor Digital, are trying to live from their passion: making these YouTube videos is their full-time job. Everyday they are developing, shooting, and editing videos so that us (The Fans!) can watch them for free. And to help to keep them doing it, they are asking for patronage at Patreon.

So if you want to support the guys posting such amazing videos, add one piece to their bag!

By Horacio Gonzalez