Real-life mashup of Assassin's Creed and Parkour

Real-life mashup of Assassin's Creed and Parkour

Do you dislike cosplay? O.K., stop here, you're not going to like this...

You don't care for Assassin's Creed, do you? Then stop too.

And parkour? Do you hate seeing parkour videos? Then get out, please.

And last of all, Paris, la ville lumière, the capital of the baguette-eating Frenchies. If you don't like Paris, you won't appreciate this.

Still here?

Well, then I guess you're going to like this video where Assassin's Creed Unity meets parkour in real life. It's an impressive video of Assassin's Creed themed parkour in Paris streets, it's simply breathtaking!

The author is devinsupertramp, a YouTuber specialized in parkour and urban action videos, and this one is IMHO one of his best works.

And if you want to see more Assassins's Creed Parkour and you're lucky enough to be at San Diego's Comic Con, go see the Assassin's Creed Experience and their huge, real-life parkour course!

By Horacio Gonzalez